What to expect in an Icelandic Swimming Pool

2018 | 01 | 22

Every country has traditions when it comes to leisure.  In our part in the world said traditions tend to evolve keeping warm. Finland has saunas, Russia has vodka, Iceland has swimming pools. It all started with the hot tubs. They have literally been part of Iceland since the settlement. The most famous one is Snorri …


International Travel Trade Fair Balttour 2018

2018 | 01 | 17

  we want to tell everyone who wants to meet us, that we will participate in the International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2018”  in Riga-Latvia. More than 850 companies presenting the best world and nationwide tours and recreation offers will take place February 2–4, 2018. Among the “Balttour 2018” participants, there will be tourism companies from …


How do seasons look in Iceland?

2017 | 09 | 28

We all have these perfect imaginations of the seasons: winter being full of snow, spring all bursting from blossoming flowers, summer being hot and full of sun and the fall being covered with colorful leaves… Unfortunately, this description doesn’t completely fit Iceland. So how does Iceland actually look in every season and when is it …


7 Tips to Know Before Traveling to Iceland

2017 | 09 | 06

Iceland is for sure a very special country that has a lot to offer. That’s why it is very important to do your homework before traveling here. You don’t want to miss the most important spots, right? So here are 7 tips that you have to remember for your Iceland holiday! 1. Prepare for weather changes Though …


8 Places to Visit in the Golden Circle

2017 | 06 | 02

The famous Golden Circle is located quite close to Reykjavik so it is a “must do” in Iceland. Typically, it is considered that the Golden Circle (sometimes called “Golden Triangle”) has three stops. But there are five others that you can do on the way! Check out our list of 8 places to visit in …


The Amazing Unpronounceable Canyon in Iceland

2017 | 04 | 28

  Everyone agrees that Iceland is full of beautiful nature spots. After getting back from your holiday it might be hard to answer to “which place was the best” as pretty much every corner here is amazing. But if someone would ask me that, I would immediately answer – the best spot is Fjadrardljufur canyon …


Why You Should Use Iceland Travel Agent for your Holiday

2017 | 04 | 27

Though it seems that organizing a holiday now is easier than ever, with all the information on internet it actually might be quite difficult and time consuming. At first you might be excited to dig into load of information about your dream country, but later on it might get overwhelming and even stressful.   You have …


The 4 Best Ice Cream Stores in Iceland

2017 | 04 | 25

Be like us, have an ice cream when being in Iceland! You can get it on every corner here, but to be sure you don’t miss the best ones, here are our top 4 ice cream stores.


2 Tips to See the Northern Lights

2017 | 04 | 04

The Northern Lights, who never dreamed of seeing one? The Northern Lights of Iceland It was during our trip to Iceland that we had the chance to see the Northern Lights for the first time.   Over ten days of travel, we were even able to attend this show four evenings. We had put all …


All You Need to Know About Money in Iceland

2017 | 04 | 03

Currency Can you believe it? A country with a population of only about 330.000 has its own currency! In Iceland, we use the Icelandic króna, or short “ISK”. You will encounter high numbers in the thousands while being in Iceland, because 1 Euro currently equals about 120 ISK, 1 US dollar equals about 115 ISK …