What to expect in an Icelandic Swimming Pool

2018 | 01 | 22

Every country has traditions when it comes to leisure.  In our part in the world said traditions tend to evolve keeping warm. Finland has saunas, Russia has vodka, Iceland has swimming pools.

It all started with the hot tubs. They have literally been part of Iceland since the settlement. The most famous one is Snorri Sturluson’s pool, Snorralaug in Reykholt, who is presumed to have lived from 1178-1241. His pool is one of four ancient pools Iceland still in use! http://www.kriatravel.com/travels/westfjords/

Today there are around 12.000 summer houses in Iceland and at least 11.000 of them have a hot tub. You will find more outdoor than indoor pools in Iceland. The outdoor ones are less expensive and the fresh air is good for you.

One thing you must realize before entering an Icelandic swimming pool: You will see others of the sex naked and others of the sex will see you naked. There are rarely rooms or cubicles for you to undress in and even if there are, you will still have to take your bathing costume off while showering. Why? because we like our pools and hot tubs clean and smudge free!

You can find the opening hours of most swimming pools in Iceland on www .sundlaugar.is. If you don´t have a swimsuit you can usually rent one so there is no excuse, you have to try it.