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Our company was established in 2013; we have acquired an extensive experience in organizing trips to Iceland since then. We cooperate with hotels, hostels, tour operators, Europcar car rental company, Teitur bus company, Icelandair and WOWair airlines. We have a good knowledge of the country, its advantages and dangers, weather and best times to organize certain trips, cuisine, cultural life and education. Our company has an advantage, since it operates in Iceland; if our customers so request, we can meet them once they arrive and discuss all the details one more time.

We offer reliability, extensive knowledge, organizational skills, services of professional tour guides and safe travelling. Contact us and we will always do our best to help you. Our experience serves as a guarantee that you will enjoy your time in Iceland.

Day tours

Only for a short time in Iceland? Not a problem! Day tours is what you need. If it's a bike or an Icelandic horse riding tour or just walk through the town... you'll find everything on our website.
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Guided tours

Guided tour - it's all in one! When  you are traveling with a guide, you will learn a lot about Iceland's history, culture, food, music, people, and of course the incomparable places ....
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Active recreation

As we all know, vacation can go beyond laying on the beach and reading a book; you could spend it hiking in the mountains, paddling, cycling...
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Self-drive tours

This is the most popular travel sphere in Iceland. We create a good program with a good price, and you'll only remain a company of travelers and go on trip!
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What Should You Know, when Travelling to Iceland?

Iceland is an impressive and unique country. Pristine nature: beautiful mountains, green moss-covered valleys, black sand deserts, massive waterfalls, blue and white glaciers, and hot springs. The country offers a breathtaking range of colours, scents and sounds. Even though nature in Iceland can be extremely harsh and dangerous, when getting ready for a trip to Iceland, you should keep in mind that:

  1. Iceland has never been a budget-friendly country; even if you find cheap plane tickets, you will not manage to save on accommodation and meals
  2. Weather can change every 5 minutes and every 10 kilometres; however, the saying there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing applies here as well
  3. Unfortunately, no clothing will be suitable enough in strong winds with horizontal rain
  4. Glaciers are tricky, do not plan going on a trip alone
  5. Not all roads here are suited for cars; do not leave the road and beware of the sheep; purchase appropriate vehicle insurance
  6. It is impossible to imagine Iceland without pools and hot springs, so you should always be ready for a swim, even if it snows
  7. There is no other country offering more delicious fish and lamb
  8. Do not forget your camera so you can capture and share your experiences
  9. Send an inquiry to JS-Kria Travel and we will make sure that your travel is safe and eventful.