How do seasons look in Iceland?

2017 | 09 | 28

We all have these perfect imaginations of the seasons: winter being full of snow, spring all bursting from blossoming flowers, summer being hot and full of sun and the fall being covered with colorful leaves… Unfortunately, this description doesn’t completely fit Iceland. So how does Iceland actually look in every season and when is it the best to travel here?

Summer season in Iceland

Summer is the most popular season for traveling in Iceland. The temperature is not so high, usually it gets just a bit more than 16 degrees of Celsius on the hottest summer day. That is why it is great to do sightseeing in this weather – you won’t get too hot while hiking and also it’s not too cold to make you shiver. Also, summer is not that rainy and windy, so you have a bigger chance to still be dry after a day of sightseeing.

Plus: Warm, weather usually predictable, green
Minus: No Northern Lights, won’t see any snow (unless on the glaciers)

Seasons in Iceland

Winter wonderland

Winter is becoming a high season in Iceland as well, because who doesn’t love winter wonderland? Though most people imagine that Iceland is freezing, it actually doesn’t get as cold as most European countries. The weather here in winter time more often gets unpredictable, but the Northern Lights completely makes up for it! And the snowy mountains and valleys definitely look breathtaking.

Plus: Snowy, possible to see Northern Lights
Minus: Weather might get bad unexpectedly and ruin your plans, cold

Seasons in Iceland

Spring and Fall

I would like to smash spring and fall together as they usually look very similar. At the beginning spring looks muddy just like fall at the end. And as Iceland doesn’t have much greenery, you can’t really see a lot of blossoms or colorful leaves falling. But you can still spot some signs of traditional spring and fall views. Also, you can still spot some Northern Lights in these both seasons while not being covered with snow.

Plus: Still possible to spot Northern Lights, not as cold as winter
Minus: Usually everything is muddy and the views might be a bit boring

Seasons in Iceland


P.S In these photos you see the same Kirkjufell area just in different seasons. So decide yourself which one looks the best!

Hope these short descriptions helped you to decide which season is more suitable for you! If you have any questions about this blog comment bellow. And if you need recommendations while organizing your trip, contact us via email or send us a message through Facebook.