The 4 Best Ice Cream Stores in Iceland

2017 | 04 | 25

Icelanders love ice cream. That’s a fact. We don’t mind weather, temperature or politics when choosing to eat ice cream, we just do it all the time. Be like us, have an ice cream when being in Iceland! You can get it on every corner here, but to be sure you don’t miss the best ones, here are our top 4 ice cream stores:


Until recently seen by many as the best ice cream of the North, Brynja ice cream now also opened a store near Reykjavik, in Kópavogur. Famous for the “Bragðarefur” ice cream, a mix of ice cream and candy, fruit, syrups etc. Brynja is a must stop for lovers of the extraordinary. Let your imagination run free and mix whichever toppings you like with your ice cream!


Holtsel ice cream farm

Far up North, about 20 minutes drive from Akureyri, you will find the farm Holtsel. If you happen to come through Akureyri, take the short detour to treat yourself with some delicious homemade ice cream here. Trust us, you won’t regret it! With some all-time favorites like yogurt ice cream with Icelandic blueberries, but also always new flavors, you will always find something to your likings here. How about something exotic like beer ice cream? You will find it here!
Also, good news for everyone in the capital area: Since not too long, you can finally get ice cream from Holtsel in Reykjavik as well! Just visit one of the “Víðir” stores in the cities and you will find some of the best flavors in the frozen food section. Go for it!


Efstidalur ice cream farm

Best Ice Cream Stores in IcelandQuite a bit closer to the capital area – another ice cream farm! Efstidalur is located in the Golden Circle area, which almost every tourist visits while being in Iceland. The farm is a great stop for refreshment between sightseeing. You will find it just about half way between the Þingvellir National Park area and the Gullfoss waterfall. While enjoying your ice cream, you can actually look into the cowshed and watch cows and calves through windows in the café, a lot of fun especially for children.



Valdis is my all time favorite ice cream store, no question! Every day, the ice cream is made freshly RIGHT THERE at the store. The best thing is, no matter how often you go to Valdis, you will ALWAYS find a new ice cream flavor as they are constantly changing and inventing flavors, even from one day to the next one. Even the ice cream waffles are homemade, can you believe it? There is so much to say about Valdis but the best thing you can do is to just head there and let the taste convince you. You will find Valdis in the old harbor area. And now go out there and get your ice cream!

Best Ice Cream Stores in Iceland  Best Ice Cream Stores in Iceland Best Ice Cream Stores in Iceland