7 Tips to Know Before Traveling to Iceland

2017 | 09 | 06

Iceland is for sure a very special country that has a lot to offer. That’s why it is very important to do your homework before traveling here. You don’t want to miss the most important spots, right? So here are 7 tips that you have to remember for your Iceland holiday!

1. Prepare for weather changes

Though Iceland has ICE in its name it is really not that icy. And actually, ice is not at all what you should be concerned about. Unless you come from California and it’s your first time driving in winter on ice, then yes, you should be concerned. And you should not do that. But what is very important is to pay attention to winds, which might blow you away (for real!). Follow weather news on this great Icelandic website and plan your trip accordingly. Don’t be surprised that you might have to adjust your trip as flights get delayed or cancelled and roads closed. For the road status check road.is.

2. Travel alone

Can’t find a buddy who would travel to Iceland with you? Not a problem at all! Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world and Icelanders are really friendly. If you are a budget traveler, hitchhiking is a way to go – you will be picked up in seconds! You can freely walk on the streets of Reykjavik at any time of the day and not worry about your safety.

3. Don’t bring cash

You don’t need cash in Iceland at all. Every single place has a card machine, so that’s great if you want to avoid all the currency confusion.

4. Prepare to empty your pockets

Nobody really believes how expensive Iceland is until they actually arrive here. That’s true that food in grocery stores is mostly fine, but restaurants, accommodation and activities are expensive. For a double room in a simple comfort hotel in off season you can easily pay 200 Eur and more. Simple dinner will cost 20 Eur with no drinks or desert included. So if you want to try out as much as possible here – prepare to empty your pockets.

5. Drink tap water

You know how important it is to stay hydrated. Good news! Iceland has incredibly clean water coming right from the tap. So just fill up your bottle and you are good to go! Every Icelander knows, that buying water here is the biggest scam of all. So be smart, healthy and keep your wallet full.

6. Visit the Blue Lagoon or any other hot spring

Though Iceland doesn’t seem that kind of country where you would need your swimsuit, but you totally do! It is essential to try hot springs or pools here. That is if you wish to have a real Icelandic experience. The famous Blue Lagoon is close to the airport, so it is the most comfortable to stop there after arriving or before leaving. Otherwise, Reykjavik is filled with pools and real Icelanders in them, so grab a towel and enjoy naturally warmed water!

7. Book your excursions online

If you are not using travel agent services, the best way to plan your trip is by booking excursions online. Of course, you can explore on your own, but that will never be as good as with a knowledgeable guide. You can day one day or multiple day tours right from Reykjavik. Check out some tours organized by our partners on our website.

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