JS-Kría Travel has extensive  knowledge of this picturesque  island in the North Atlantic.  We are continually inspired by its amazing nature and its friendly people, its customs and traditions. These are the driving forces that  led to the establishment of JS – Kría Travel.

JS-Kría Travel offers its customers the chance to gain an intimate knowledge of Iceland,to admire its primeval beauty,  Icelandic cultural heritage, its music and traditions and to thereby experience its amazing and unique qualities.

Taking into account your needs and requirements, we can arrange trips throughout Iceland and advise you on the must-see places, routes and accommodation arrangements. Our extensive network of partners and the knowledge of Icelandic language help facilitate the entire arrangement process.

JS- Kría Travel- does much more than just arrange trips for groups or individuals. We’re very flexible and we are ready to provide services to those customers who only need to rent a car or to book an accommodation, a day tour or a concert, or simply to try Icelandic specialties in Reykjavik.

We cordially welcome you to come and visit this fabulously beautiful country!

Summer travels

Summer is great  time to explore Iceland and visit places like the  exotic and wild Westfjörds known as  Iceland’s Pearl, and Látrabjarg Cliffs with its millions of nesting birds truly a birdwatchers paradise; Then there´s Mývatn with its  unusual lava formations, steam vents and boiling mud pots—notably a geologist’s heaven. And let‘s not forget  Snæfellsnes Peninsula with the volcano Snaefellsjökull made famous in  Jules Verne´s book Journey to the Center of the Earth.  These are only a hint of the MUST-SEE places that have been bringing an  increasing number of visitors  to Iceland year after year. The good news is that during summer months in Iceland the midnight sun  allows you to visit many of these wonderful places each and every day.

Fall Travels

Fall is an excellent time to travel in Iceland for photography lovers. The sun is no longer as intense, so the light is softer; the landscape is full of autumn colours, colourful berries and moss, and the temperature in September is high enough to allow enjoying time outdoors wearing light clothing. Most of the tourists are already gone and accommodation as well as car rental prices are significantly lower.

Winter travels

Winter tours open up new opportunities for travellers in Iceland. Imagine the fascination and tranquility on a winter‘s night in an outdoor hot tub admiring the ancient dance of the Northern Lights or how would you like to pamper yourself on a SPA weekend in a calm and peaceful atmosphere enjoying good food, all the necessary amenities and great service?

Spring travels

In Iceland, spring comes late and is usually cold; but, just like anywhere else, it is the time of awakening, freshness and revival. You can see more and more lambs in the fields, evenings get longer by the day, songs of returning birds fill the air, and you can rejoice at mild winds, awakening rivers and warmer sun. Spending time outdoors in the spring allows drawing energy from the nature: take a short walk in the mountains, ride an Icelandic horse or simply enjoy delicious fish soup in a small restaurant on the ocean coast.