The Amazing Unpronounceable Canyon in Iceland

2017 | 04 | 28

Canyon in Iceland
Everyone agrees that Iceland is full of beautiful nature spots. After getting back from your holiday it might be hard to answer to “which place was the best” as pretty much every corner here is amazing. But if someone would ask me that, I would immediately answer – the best spot is Fjadrardljufur canyon in Iceland (don’t worry, I don’t know how to pronounce that either). Why? Well let me elaborate.

A few facts

The canyon is up to 100 meters deep and about 2 kilometers long. It is located on the South Coast (see the map below) and it’s about 3 hour drive away from Reykjavik. Fjarargljufur canyon was formed about 9000 years ago by progressive erosion by flowing water from glaciers. It might not sound too exciting but you would change your mind if you see it!


Canyon in IcelandFirst date experience

When I arrived to Iceland for the first time I met this guy (who is now my fiance by the way) who brought me to this amazing canyon as a first date surprise. And believe me, I was surprised! The breathtaking views, flowing water, the silence surrounding us left a deep memory in my mind. It’s nothing like I have ever seen before and I knew from the beginning that this spot is going to be my all time favorite. It is definitely worth the drive and there is guesthouse located right nearby, so you can stay longer in the area and do a little hiking around.

Canyon in Iceland that Justin Bieber was in!

It’s true that Iceland became a popular destination for singers and musicians to film their song videos. And that is not surprising at all as surroundings are beautiful and you don’t need to invest into anything else than a ticket to the land of ice and fire. One of those singers is Justin Bieber, who filmed his video for a song “I’ll show you” here, at the same unpronounceable canyon in Iceland! Though I was judging Bieber for rolling in moss and destroying nature, I have to admit that the video is really spectacular. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.


When to visit

Canyon in IcelandThis canyon is accessible all time of the year, but it looks completely different in winter than summer. Which is better is up to you to decide as I think both ways it looks amazing. Though in summer there are more tourists, so if you wish to experience this magical solitude feeling, winter might be the better option for you. Or hike it in the midnight sun! The hike doesn’t take long (I would say around 20-25 min both ways) and is not very difficult. It is also possible to hike at the bottom of the canyon next to the river, but that is yet in my “to do” plans.
I hope this canyon in Iceland reached your “bucket list” and you will visit it someday!
Your welcoming travel agent,