8 Places to Visit in the Golden Circle

2017 | 06 | 02

The famous Golden Circle is located quite close to Reykjavik so it is a “must do” in Iceland. Typically, it is considered that the Golden Circle (sometimes called “Golden Triangle”) has three stops. But there are five others that you can do on the way! Check out our list of 8 places to visit in the Golden Circle and find the map with the route at the end!

8 places to visit in the Golden Circle1. Thingvellir National Park – it is located about 45 min away from Reykjavik and this is the first stop on the Golden Circle tour. This national park offers you amazing views and opportunity to walk between two continents! There you will as well find a nice path for taking a walk and some small waterfalls. Note that the parking at the site is paid and currently it costs 500 ISK.
2. Efstidalur Ice Cream Farm – Icelandic people love ice cream any time of the year, so if you wish to have a full Iceland experience, stop at this ice cream farm! There you can try out different flavors of home made ice cream and eat them in an interesting surroundings. Right from the ice cream shop window you can see the happy cows!


8 places to visit in the Golden Circle3. Stokkur Geysir – geysers are very entertaining for a person of any age. The splashing boiling water from the ground will definitely make you say “wow!”. This geyser erupts every 4-8 minutes, so you will definitely get to see this amazing nature miracle.
4. Gullfoss Waterfall – when you will get to this waterfall you will surely feel very small. The amount of water coming down the rocks is impressive! This pizza-slice looking waterfall offers a great photo opportunities, just be sure to be safe!
5. F8 places to visit in the Golden Circleridheimar Tomato Farm – it’s about time to have lunch and this tomato farm is perfect for that. You will not only get amazing food, but also will be eating in a greenhouse surrounded by growing tomatoes! Note that Fridheimar is open from 12 to 16 and we recommend to make reservations in advance. Find the contacts on Fridheimar website.
6. Secret Lagoon – though moms might say that it is not good to swim after eating, we say, do it! Secret Lagoon located in a nearby village offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy Icelandic baths. It’s a perfect way to unwind in a natural hot waters after a busy morning. Visit Secret Lagoon webpage to get more information about prices and the best visiting times.
7. Solheimar Eco Village – after getting full and relaxing it’s time to continue exploring this amazing country. The next stop on the Golden Circle tour is an eco village where around 100 people live and work together in a sustainable community. It’s a great place for families as it offers a lot of great activities outside.


8 places to visit in the Golden Circle8. Kerid Crater – last but not least we recommend you stopping by an impressive Kerid crater. This crater is special because it is filled with water. You can walk around it and go in it close to the water. Note that the parking at the moment cost 400 ISK.


See the map below to find the locations of the mentioned stops:




So these are our 8 places to visit in the Golden Circle that we recommend not to miss out. Make sure to bring warm clothing and a good mood with you and this will definitely be an unforgettable experience! If you want our help with organizing your tour, do not hesitate to contact us by filling our contact form!

Safe travels!